Detailed Analysis

Lincoln Baxter

Updated May 29, 2023: Typos corrected; adding a note referencing Kenneth Ing’s “On Accountability” presentation at the end of the discussion about accountability.

This paper dives into the details of the Article II Study Commission’s proposal and analyzes the impacts the proposed changes would have on our Unitarian Universalist faith, congregations and our relationships with one another. The proposed changes would essentially remake Unitarian Universalism into something unrecognizable and undesirable to most Unitarian Universalists who treasure this liberal faith tradition. The changes would be entrenched by:

  • deleting the 7 Principles,
  • replacing the Principles with 6 nebulous values
  • introducing accountability (with an unspecified standard of measurement)
  • stating a covenant for each value
  • changing the purpose of the UUA
  • inverting the flow of power and authority between congregations and the UUA
  • eliminating freedom of belief

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